71 foot binding BERNINA

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Hi Guys!

Here is the original #71 Foot binding post from several years ago.  I have a few other videos that supplement the information that I will post next.  This is a BERNINA #71 Flat Felled seam foot that is a 8mm.  I state the width wrong in the video.  I know you will be able to quickly and easily attach all of your bindings by machine with this technique.  I cut the strips 2 inches  wide and keep all of the fabric inside the right toe of the foot for accurate stitching and measurement. 

Be sure to test a 5 or 6 inch strip with a longer stitch  which can be easily removed to decide where your needle should be. All the way to the left (-5) will give you a wider seam allowance while attching the binding resulting in a narrower finish for quilts with thinner batting and fabrics. If your needle is  more to the center (-4 ro -3) you will have a narrower seam allownce while stitching the binding on resulting in more of the binding to wrap around to the back.  This works beter for thicker batting and fabrics.  Just make sure to make a sample.  

You miter the corners the same way you always do if that is something you already have a technique for.  If you want to stitch them like I do I show you that in the video.  The main thing is to pin the corner before you stitch up to the corner.  It needs to be pinned from the left to the right and that is hard to do when you have the fabric at the machine and close to the needle.  I usually pin all 4 corners before even starting to sew.  

I do finish the edge of all my quilts as soon as I have finished quilting and have squared them up.  I use a #2 or 2A overlock foot and stitch #3 on a BERNINA.  You could also just use a #2 zig zag stitch and make sure the right edge of the stitch falls over the edge of the fabric.  I have a video showing you how to finish the edge with the #2 foot and stich #3.

All of my videos can be found at www.youtube.com/sewshellyquilts.  I am slowly but surely bringing everything over to this blog location also, for your convenience.  

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