Stitching in the ditch with very thin thread is beautiful

bernina quilting stitching in the ditch quilting wonderfil invisafil thread
Very thin thread for stitching in the ditch when quilting


Thin threads make beautiful stitching in the ditch. I love stitching in the ditch on all of my quilts but sometimes with 40 or 50 weight thread the stitching shows and looks messy. Now I use a very thin thread all of the time for stitching in the ditch. Invisafil by Wonderfil is a line of 100 weight 2 ply conttonized polyester thread that I use and love. Other compnies also have very thin threads that you may love. Try various weights and brands from size 60 to 100 and in cotton, polyester and silk. Threads are labled with the larger number meaning thinner thread so a 100 weight thread is very thin where a 12 weight thread is very thick. It is opposite of what seems intuative. I usually use a size 80/12 microtex (sharp) or topstitch needle even with this very thin thread. Try different needle, thread and tension combinations untils you find the correct one for the project you are stitching. This may change from project to project.

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